Great Fish at Great Scott’s Restaurant

Scott's miso-blackened salmon with seared pak choi and pickled ginger

Scott’s miso-blackened salmon with seared pak choi and pickled ginger

Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair is paradise for a refined piscivore. Fresh fish, seafood and caviar are central to a lavish menu. The low-lit tables are situated around an elegant central oyster and champagne bar. While the timeless décor, clientele and ambience is as decidedly upper crust as the fare is upper crustacea.

As their website says, seasonal game, meat and vegetarian dishes also feature. Though, essentially, fish is the dish. So, in the spirit of all things piscine, my companion and I started with a little indulgence, and opted for the oscietra.

Caviar is a superb source of protein, Vitamin D and some Bs, as well as several essential minerals. As a food combiner, it would have been wise to avoid the blini that accompanied it. Yet sour cream is fine and – working on the psychological adage that a bit of what you fancy does you good – I savoured the individually crafted hors d’oeuvres with the relish of an oligarch’s wedding guest.

The mains, on the other hand, were purely protein based, which is one of the great assets of eating at a seafood restaurant. While I went off theme with a juicy seasonal duck and side dish of chervil buttered heritage carrots and shoots, my companion chose the miso-blackened salmon with seared pak choi and pickled ginger. This had a wonderfully varied taste and delicate texture, and which I shamelessly shared. I love ginger.

For drinks, the usual sparkling mineral water was accompanied by some champagne. My companion is a great fan of Ruinart, which I had long associated with older gentlemen in leather-backed chairs at their clubs in St. James’. But, how wrong had I been. The brut was a perfect complement to fish and game, from an extensive wine list designed to satisfy a discerning palate.

There were several keynotes to the evening. In addition to the usual quest to find fabulous fare that fits in with my food combining diet, there was the exploration of a seafood theme and the experience of a superior venue. And all three points merged harmoniously.

For those seeking the nutritional benefits of fine protein, classically presented with deep flavours in a refined setting, then Scott’s is – in every sense – an elegant and tasteful choice.

Health, pleasure, luxury – and rediscovering a classic drink. It wasn’t just the piscivores who had a good evening.

20 Mount Street
London W1K 2HE
Tel: 020 7495 7309

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