The Minimal Bounce Bra for Top Gym Support

Me and my MBB: top support throughout a tough workout

Me and my MBB: top support throughout a tough workout

According to figures (no pun intended) released last September, Britain’s average bra size has risen from 36C to 36DD. Yet an estimated 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. And 40% said they don’t wear a sports bra when exercising, despite the fact that breasts can bounce up to 14cm during a workout.

All of this is rather worrying, not least for the person exercising next to you. It seems that ladies are getting bigger but don’t appear to be taking the best care of their assets.

The average woman is wearing a back size that is too big and a cup size that is too small. Such a bad fit not only has unflattering bulges of flesh and fabric, it can also lead to health problems. Symptoms include headaches, neck and breast pains, as well as breathing, circulation and skin problems, and poor posture.

According to various experts, a bra’s support should mainly come from underneath, not the shoulder straps. The band should fit snugly around the ribs without being restrictive, and sit at the same height all around the torso without riding up at the back. The cups should fit fully around each breast, and any wires lie flat to the body. It should be close fitting but comfortable. It is, after all, an undergarment, not a bear trap.

I don’t know one man who would tolerant discomfort from his underwear, so I don’t see why women should either. In contrast, a perfectly fitting bra will produce a flattering shape, accentuate your waist and boost your confidence. So ladies, get over your fears, get properly measured and get all the benefits.

As for exercise, I recommend the Dans-ez Minimal Bounce Bra.

Top shop: the MBB is available from S to XXL and in nine different colours

Top shop: the MBB is available from S to XXL and in nine different colours

Speaking as a personal trainer, aerobics teacher and shapely woman who has exercised all her life, I have never liked “the bounce.” It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and left me wondering if I’d have breasts like spaniel’s ears by the time I was 30. Consequently, I used to wear two bras for exercise and wonder if I would see out my aerobics classes without fainting.

I shopped around and found the MBB in the dance wear section of the now-extinct Kings Road Sporting Club in Chelsea. After years of unfettered jiggling, the result was total joy.

As the name suggests, there is little or no movement in a very close fitting garment that initially takes a little getting used to. But I could breathe and move freely, and exercise hard without a care. Perfect. I have worn them ever since.

The Minimal Bounce Bra is now available online at Check out the offers tab as there are often seasonal reductions, some of up to 50%, on the MBB and other dance and sports wear.

Look after your assets, ladies. Your figure, health and confidence are worth it.

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